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A funny way to run a country

Signs outside a Jeb Bush event in Bedford, New Hampshire. When Hillary Clinton took the stage in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Friday to pump up a room full of volunteers, she was joined by the “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits” … Continue reading

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Less amusing translation of Brazilian article on Harper bathroom tiff

On August 9, the Brazilian newspaper Fohla published a story about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s apparently undiplomatic behavior during his visit to that country on a trade mission. Canadians had a bit of fun on Twitter with the awkward machine … Continue reading

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Delay sought, opposed

On Thursday, the Public Works Department announced that it had received a request for a deadline extension in the federal government’s $35-billion shipbuilding procurement process: Request to Extend the Bid Period for the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy June 23, 2011 … Continue reading

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Alfred Apps has come down with a case of cognitive dissonance

Alfred Apps, president of the Liberal Party of Canada, went on CBC’s Power and Politics Tuesday, May 3, 2011, to call for a period of reflection for the party, after it was reduced to 34 seats, and third place in … Continue reading

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Terrible Orange Dawn

Stephen Taylor, director of the conservative National Citizens Coalition, sent out an urgent email to supporters on Friday, calling on them to donate for an advertising campaign to stop the NDP from taking power: I couldn’t believe this could happen … Continue reading

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Coalition warning

The Conservative war room sent out a release Wednesday afternoon warning that an NDP candidate’s resignation is proof that the NDP and Liberals are scheming together to take power after the May 2 election. Earlier Wednesday, Ryan Dolby, the NDP candidate in … Continue reading

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Lobbyists warned off campaigns

Karen E. Shepherd, the federal lobbying commissioner, sent registered lobbyists an email today warning them to take care to avoid violating the Lobbying Act by participating in the federal election campaign. Lobbyists, many of whom came to Ottawa as political … Continue reading

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