Terrible Orange Dawn

Stephen Taylor, director of the conservative National Citizens Coalition, sent out an urgent email to supporters on Friday, calling on them to donate for an advertising campaign to stop the NDP from taking power:

I couldn’t believe this could happen

Days before Canadians go to vote, I am shocked by the latest poll numbers. Apparently, the socialist NDP is surging in various parts of the country and may indeed spoil a Conservative majority.  Even worse, Jack Layton has suggested that he would share power with the separatist Bloc Québécois and reopen Canada’s constitution.  Pair this with an economic agenda that was written in Candyland, and Canada could be facing a generation of political and fiscal turmoil.

I remember Bob Rae’s Ontario and the accidental election of the socialist NDP in the 90s. Many Canadians are looking to the socialist NDP as a protest vote, but the time is critical to bring everyone back to the sobering reality.  We must protect this fragile economic recovery that has now become uncertain with the rise of the socialists.

I’ve let you know of our plan to run these ads in the weekend editions of the Globe and Mail and National Post.  We’re spreading a wakeup call to Canadians to remind them of the consequences of a terrible Orange Dawn that may come next Tuesday after election night. If you agree with me that this is a critical time to remind Canadians of what is at stake under the socialists and separatists please help us run these ads by contributing $35, $145, $250 or as much as you can afford at this time.

This is it… Let’s fight this together.  We can save this election.

Thank you,
Stephen Taylor
Fellow Rallier
Director, National Citizens Coalition


About Stephen Maher

Canadian journalist and novelist. 2016 Harvard Nieman fellow.
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One Response to Terrible Orange Dawn

  1. JCtheholyone says:

    I’ve never laughed so hard, how do you sleep with such paranoia? Seriously hope it’s not beside a gun.

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